Residential Lease Application

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Other Occupants

Name All Other Persons Who Will Occupy The Property

Current Address

Co-Applicant's Address

Previous Address

Current Employer

If applicant is self-employed, landlord may require one or more years tax return attested by a CPA, attorney, or other tax professional.

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Personal References


Please note: We will not be able to begin processing your application until we receive this information from you and our account coordinator has notified you that the your application fee and hold fee is ready to be paid online*.

Application Agreement

By inserting your initials you are providing us with the following Authorizations:
Applicant authorizes Landlord and Landlord's agent, at any time before, during, or after any tenancy, to:

  1. obtain a copy of Applicant's credit report
  2. obtain a criminal background check related to Applicant and any occupant; and
  3. verify any rental or employment history or verify any other information related to this application with persons knowledgeable of such information.

The purpose of this application is to determine whether I qualify as a tenant. If my application is approved, the owner and I shall sign a written lease or rental agreement. The owner and I have no rental agreement until the time the lease or rental agreement is signed and the first month's rent and any additional deposits are collected in person by Metropolitan.

I am paying the following fees:

  1. Earnest Deposit: $450
  2. Fee for Credit Check: $35
(Credit Report run per person over the age of 18 and over listed on the lease)

I understand that the fee for my credit check is NOT refundable under any circumstances and will be retained by Metropolitan Real Estate.

If I am NOT approved by the owner, my $450.00 earnest deposit WILL be returned to me in up to 7-10 business days.

If I cancel after the application has been approved, my earnest deposit will be forfeited.

I may request a 15 day extension of the time in which I am allotted to move into the property so long as I pay an additional $300 deposit. So long as I occupy the property within 30 days, assuming I am granted an extension, then my additional $300 deposit will be credited to move in costs together with my initial $450 deposit. If I do not occupy the property after having been granted an extension, then all earnest money deposits shall be forfeited.

All monies received are required by law to be deposited in our Broker's trust account. Refunds of earnest money deposits will be made by bank check.

My performance under any lease or rental agreement that I may enter into with the Landlord may be reported to a consumer credit reporting agency.

State and Federal law prohibit discrimination by any person engaging in real estate transactions on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, familial status, or marital status.

I expressly authorize the Landlord to obtain a credit report. I understand that if the Landlord denies my application based in whole or in part on the information contained in my credit report, that I am entitled to receive a copy of my credit report, free of charge, from the credit-reporting agency supplying the report to the landlord.

I expressly authorize the Landlord to obtain written or verbal verification from my current prior employer regarding my employment history. I understand that the Landlord will contact my prior Landlords to obtain written or verbal verification of my history with those Landlords. I authorize all parties contacted to give the Landlord, or their representative, my information.

I agree that the Landlord may terminate any agreement entered into in reliance on any misstatement made above, and my deposit will be forfeited.


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